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iLok Server OverviewπŸ”—



You can purchase a license for iLok Server from the software company you purchased your sharable license from.

iLok Server is an extra feature of iLok License Manager that allows you to use a computer to serve sharable licenses across your network so that other users (clients) can also authorize the protected software to run. For each computer that will be used as a license server, you will need one iLok Server license.

In order to set up a license server and share licenses, you will need the following:

  • A networked computer to act as the license server.
  • A 2nd-generation or later iLok USB with a license for the product iLok Server on it.

  • One or more sharable licenses to share on your network. Sharable licenses are different from regular licenses in that they have a number of seats assigned to them. The number of seats corresponds to the number of other computers that can concurrently use the license over the network. Sharable licenses that are shared across a local area network (LAN) are also called sharable licenses.

System RequirementsπŸ”—

Sharable licenses are supported on the following operating systems (both the client computer and the license server).

  • Mac OSX 10.6 or above
  • Windows 7 or above
  • License Support version 2.5.0 or above


Here is a list of terms that are used in this guide.

Sharable License Server

A computer that serves up shared licenses to other computers (clients) over a network. Also referred to as the license Server or server.

Client Computer

The computer of the user who is the consumer of a license that is shared by a license server over a network. A client computer β€œleases” the seat of the shared license from the license server over the LAN.

Sharable License

An instance, or seat, of a shared license provided by a license server to another computer (client) over a LAN. Any given instance of a sharable license counts against the maximum concurrent activations allowed for the shared license.

Seat Count

The count of simultaneous leases that are allowed for a shared license.

Config File

A configuration file that the sharable license server administrator can export for use by potential clients. The file contains all of the information that a client computer needs to successfully add the server to their list of preferred connections.

iLok Server

A licensed product of PACE Anti-Piracy that is required to provide authorization to run a sharable license server. This product may be sold by PACE customers under a distribution agreement with PACE.