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Quick Start GuideπŸ”—

Welcome to iLok License Manager!πŸ”—

The iLok License Manager application is the only place to manage your iLoks and licenses. At, you can update your iLok account profile, find support resources to help you manage your account, and make purchases in the store.

Great! What do I need to do?πŸ”—

Here’s the quick version; just 4 easy steps to get started.

1. Get the app.πŸ”—

Download and install the iLok License Manager application. Installers are available on, or use the buttons below. Once you’ve installed it, plug in your iLok and launch the application.

2. Sign in.πŸ”—

Sign In

Already have an iLok account? It works for iLok License Manager and, so just sign in.

No account? Go to and click on “Create Free Account” ONLY if you don’t already have an iLok account.

3. Get licenses.πŸ”—

Get licenses

Get licenses for iLok-enabled software by having software publishers deposit a license in your iLok account or by using an activation code in iLok License Manager.

4. Activate your licenses.πŸ”—


It’s as easy as drag and drop; just grab the license and drag it to your iLok or, if allowed, to your computer.

See the iLok License Manager Manual for more ways to activate and deactivate licenses.

Congratulations! You can now run your iLok-enabled software!

Need help?πŸ”—

Here is some basic information, as well as common questions and answers.

iLok License Manager & Account BasicsπŸ”—

System Requirements
  • macOS 10.2 and above (Intel/Apple Silicon)
  • 64-bit Windows 7 and above

If you run iLok-enabled software on an older operating system that does not meet the minimum system requirements, you can use another computer that does meet the requirements to manage licenses with iLok License Manager. Note that your iLok-enabled software may have its own system requirements. Please speak with the publisher of that software for further details.

User ID and password

Keep it secure!

Software developers and end-users transferring licenses may ask for your User ID so that they can deposit and transfer licenses to your account, but neither should need or ask for your password.

The same User ID and password are used to sign in to both the iLok License Manager application and If you already have an account, do NOT make a new account for iLok License Manager.

One studio - one account

We recommend one iLok account per company or studio. Even companies with over 100 iLoks use only one account. Managing all of your iLoks from a central account allows you to save on fees for services that apply when multiple iLok accounts are used.

I forgot my login information

When you create your iLok account, we ask you for security information so we are able confirm that you are indeed the account owner should you ever forget your User ID or password. Please visit this FAQ entry for recovery information.

Keep your contact information current

We value your privacy and strictly abide by the Privacy Policy. The email address on your account is used to contact you only in certain circumstances, such as:

  • Answering support tickets you submit.
  • Contacting you if you forget your information.
  • Alerting you to renewals of Zero Downtime subscriptions.

Be sure to keep your email address current at all times. Begin by clicking on Edit Account Information on your Account detail pane in iLok License Manager.

Managing and Using Your iLoksπŸ”—

What is an iLok?

Your iLok is a USB device that holds licenses that allow iLok-enabled software to run. Visit this FAQ entry for more detail.

Which iLok is connected?

When you sign into iLok License Manager, your iLoks will be listed on the left side of the window. The iLoks that are not currently connected will appear grayed out, while connected iLoks will show up in black (or a deep color) and you will be able to select them for activation-related operations. Take a tour of the application for more detail or find out what the icons in the location list mean.

Which iLok is which?

You can customize the names of your iLoks to help tell them apart. Just right-click on the iLok and select Rename/Edit from the menu. Labeling the physical iLok with the chosen name can help too. We know how hard it can be to read those tiny serial numbers!

Managing and Using Your LicensesπŸ”—

Where are my licenses? How do I get them on my iLok or machine?

Your licenses are managed through the iLok License Manager application. You can see them in, but moving them to and from your iLok, computer (machine), or iLok Cloud session happens only with the iLok License Manager application.

When licenses are deposited to your iLok account, they remain there until you activate them to your iLok, machine, or iLok Cloud session, or until they expire. Once activated to an iLok, the licenses are on your iLok - they are no longer in your account. The same is true for licenses that allow activation to other locations.

You can see a list of what is on each activation location (iLok, machine, or iLok Cloud session) by selecting the location from the list on the left side of the iLok License Manager window. If you have licenses to activate, they will be shown when you click on the “Available” tab at the top of the iLok License Manager window.

See more detailed information on managing your licenses in the iLok License Manager Manual.

What do I need to use my software?

To run iLok-enabled software, you will need:

  • An iLok.
  • A license for the iLok-enabled software that has been activated to your iLok.
  • A computer with the iLok-enabled software installed.
How does my license work?

Once you have your license on your iLok and you’re ready to launch your iLok-enabled software, make sure your iLok is plugged in. Your iLok-enabled software looks for the license on a connected iLok before it will run. Once you activate your license to your iLok, you can run that protected software on any computer the software is installed on. You can carry your licenses in your pocket!

Protecting your investmentπŸ”—

Your iLok can hold over 500 software licenses, representing a substantial investment. In addition to our Zero Downtime coverage, which immediately gives you temporary licenses when a broken, lost, or stolen iLok RMA order is placed, we now offer Theft & Loss Coverage (TLC).

With TLC, if your TLC-enabled iLok is lost or stolen, you no longer need to contact each software publisher for replacement licenses. With TLC enabled, we can now provide you with permanent replacement licenses! See for more details.